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      ★ People: Recruitment, introduction; Training, education and cultivation; Talent management and quantity utilization; 7. Nowadays, many small and medium-sized cities require highly educated, highly efficient, high-level, lofty and sophisticated talents; 22. There are many forms of publicity, education and training, such as discussion, publicity, conference, broadcast, wallpaper... There are many places, such as towns streets villages schools... ★ Wealth: capital investment, government subsidies, preferential loans, tax reduction and exemption, tax reduction and fee reduction; Income, expenditure, money, price      

      In order to adapt to xiayi education career development, combined with the county teaching actual work needs, according to the business unit personnel management ordinance (652 decree of the State Council) and the institution open recruitment procedures in henan province (yu club [2015] no. 55), approved by the county, the county government decided to face the public recruitment of 100 middle school teachers, now make the following plan. 3. Registration requirements: Login to the website and upload the following clear and valid registration materials according to the requirements: (1) My recent headless electronic id photos are in JPG/JPEG format and the size of the photo file is below 30KB; Original graduation certificate; (3) Valid education verification report; The second generation of the original identity card; (5) Original teacher qualification certificate); New graduates who are affected by the epidemic need to provide the certificate materials issued by the school to postpone their graduation. After the deadline for registration, no new materials will be accepted.  Those who have passed the physical examination shall, in accordance with the "Notice of Luoyang People's Government Office on The Implementation Measures for The Public Recruitment of Luoyang Public Institutions" (Luo Administrative Office [2006] No. 100), conduct the inspection and qualification reexamination. Qualification review, the examinee should be in accordance with the provisions of this scheme to enter oneself for an examination qualifications and conditions to submit valid id card, diploma, certificate (if is not to provide), teachers employment registration certificate (or employment agreement), the individual personnel file material such as the original, not within the prescribed time according to the request for the submission of the above-mentioned material, cancellation of admission. The candidates who pass the inspection and review shall be selected in a 1:1 ratio according to the position, major and employment plan of the candidate, and shall be published in no less than 7 working days according to the order of the overall score from high to low score. If there is no objection, the examinee and the school adopt the method of two-way choice to determine the specific employment unit (specific employment post is announced before the trial). If the candidate to be hired abandons the employment qualification, the qualified personnel in the inspection and review shall be filled in order from high to low score in the total score. The probation period for new recruits is one year. 1. Shikumen architecture in Shanghai's rental sector is due to the war. The war forced the rich and even the common people in the Yangtze River valley to rush to the Shanghai concession, and the number of people exploded, resulting in the emergence of the so-called simple houses in the concession, which were all made of wood and took the form of adjacent houses in the West. Because the wooden structure was easy to catch fire, in order to maintain the long-term peace and stability of the concession, the Ministry of Industry demolished a large number of simple houses. However, around 1870, Shanghai began to build neighborhood houses, and the first generation of Shikamen appeared from this. 2. Amazon has introduced a new royalty rule that will have a huge impact on the way writers are paid. Starting in July, authors of amazon's e-books will receive royalties based on the number of pages they read and how long they last. If a certain e-book is not sold, the writer's income will be seriously affected. Amazon hopes the new rules will better tie readers' interests to writers' creative impulses. To prevent cheating, it will also take into account the amount of time a reader spends on a particular book page, which may not count as the number of pages read if the page is flipped quickly. Each employing unit sends two or more personnel to form an investigation team to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the morality, ability, diligence, performance, honesty, political and professional quality of the object of investigation and the suitability of the selected position. At the same time, the qualification review shall be conducted to verify whether the applicants meet the requirements of the registration qualification, and confirm whether the information they submit during the registration is true, accurate and complete, and whether it is consistent with their real experience and background. Prominent political standard, deeply understand its political loyalty, political concentration, bear, political power and political discipline, morality and study focus on work performance, strengthen the professional inspection, strengthen inspection style and honest, resolutely put an end to unqualified political quality, moral character is not correct, honesty and integrity "-companies personnel into the straight authority. Investigation group should check cadre (personnel) archives seriously, verify civil servant or refer to civil servant law management personnel registration form and other circumstances that need to be verified, write investigation report truthfully. The organization where the object of investigation is located should actively support and cooperate with the investigation group to objectively and truly reflect the actual situation of the object of investigation. If there is a vacancy of candidates after the inspection (including the inspection), it will not be filled again.

      1, have the necessary professional knowledge, educational background and technical conditions to perform post duties, have good professional accomplishment, diligent and responsible, unity and cooperation, clean working, no bad performance record, style image and professional reputation, with good psychological and physical quality. Written test results, interview results, and overall test results are based on the percentage system, calculated to two decimal places, rounded to the last. If there is a tie with the overall score, the interview with a high score ranking in the first. Within 30 working days, if any problem is found during the publicity period, the recruitment qualification will be cancelled, and the vacant places will be filled in order according to the examination results. Upon the expiration of the public notice period, the personnel without objection shall go through the relevant procedures by presenting the Notice of Employment. The probationary period is for the recruited personnel The employer shall organize an inspection of the personnel to be hired, and review the qualifications of the personnel to be inspected. If any unqualified candidate is found during the inspection, he/she shall be disqualified for employment and shall clearly inform the inspected party of his/her conclusion and basis. Those who pass the inspection will be determined as the personnel to be hired. The information of the personnel to be hired will be publicized through shenyang talent network and huishenghua WeChat public number, and the publicity period will be 3 working days. Upon completion of the publicity, the personnel without objection to the publicity shall sign the Labor Dispatch Contract with the third-party agency. The employing unit shall investigate and deal with the persons who have objections to the announcement. The system of probationary period shall be implemented for personnel openly recruited. The probationary period is 2 months. If the probationary period is qualified, the employee shall be formally hired. Those who fail to pass the examination (including those who fail to obtain the corresponding teacher qualification within one year) shall be cancelled. Within the term of the labor contract, the employer may allocate the contracted dispatched teachers among schools according to work needs, and the contracted dispatched teachers shall be subject to post adjustment. After the qualification examination, if the proportion between the number of applicants and the number of planned posts is less than 2:1, the number of planned posts will be cancelled or reduced accordingly. After three sessions of court hearings, Qu Jianghuan was quite helpless with the reply from the people's Social Security bureau at both levels. "It means that we thought you could, but now we think you can't, and it was our internal decision before. This is such a serious matter." In the past three years, Qu Jianghuan repeatedly asked the court and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to transfer the registration materials of 13 candidates for the position of "Cultural Instructor 1" for reference, but he was not successful. "Cultural counsellor 1" post into the interview of the top three candidates for QuJiangHuan, XXL, KeWenDi, if only one KeWenDi professional qualified, then wuning county people club bureau and jiujiang when people club bureau after the written examination for the qualification review, had knowingly KeWenDi only people conform to the professional requirements of the position, in order to help kelvin dida purpose in going to the post directivity object with XXL to me still a qualification to be through, to the interview PeiKao, clearly illegal."

      In short, the third distribution is directed to help the poor and the weak, and follows the voluntary principle. Its main body is the social force, and its form (or way) is the social public welfare cause including the folk donation, charity, voluntary action, etc. Its driving force is mainly the factors of morality, culture, habit and so on. The third distribution reflects the ideological culture, moral level and civilization level of a society, as well as the internal requirements of citizen participation to help the weak and improve their own morality. We should create a positive and healthy view of social wealth in the whole society, vigorously explore and carry forward the traditional virtues such as kindness and mutual assistance, list the modern charity idea as an important part of citizens' moral education, and make charity a daily activity in which the whole people actively participate. The public recruitment of institutions affiliated to the Natural Resources Department of the Autonomous Region shall be carried out in accordance with the announcement of recruitment posts and qualification conditions, registration, written examination, qualification examination, interview, physical examination, investigation, publicity, employment procedures and other steps. According to the coVID-19 epidemic prevention and control requirements, this recruitment will be conducted by online written test. Candidates to log in the xinjiang uygur autonomous region of human resources and social security hall portal portal of natural resources, xinjiang uygur autonomous region, read the recruitment information and the relevant requirements, understand the range of hiring regulations, object, conditions, registration procedures and related policies and regulations and the matters needing attention, etc, and then selecting jobs completely conform to enter oneself for an examination conditions for registration. If the applicants fail to register in accordance with the time, scope, object, conditions, age, educational background and professional requirements, registration procedures, relevant policies and regulations and matters needing attention, and thus affect the recruitment, all consequences shall be borne by the applicants.    

      The relevant provisions of physical examination items and standards, such as "Operation Manual for Civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination (Trial)" (Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2016] No. 140), shall be implemented. The medical examination fee shall be borne by the applicants. Those who fail to take the physical examination within the prescribed time will be deemed to have forfeited their recruitment qualification automatically. Those who fail in the initial physical examination may apply to the leading group of examination and recruitment for a reexamination within 3 days from the date of receiving the physical examination results. The reexamination results shall prevail. 2. Inspection. It mainly investigates and understands the candidates' ideological and political performance, moral quality, work performance in the service unit, compliance with discipline and law, personnel files, qualifications required for the proposed post and whether it is necessary to implement the principle of avoidance. Candidates from Sanya, Danzhou, Wuzhishan, Qionghai, Wenchang, Wanning, Dongfang, Ding 'an and Tunchang will be interviewed on Saturday, August 15, 2020. The interview time for candidates applying for positions in Chengmai county, Lingao County, Baisha County, Changjiang County, Ledong County, Lingshui County, Baoting County and Qiongzhong County is Sunday, August 16, 2020. (2) Candidates shall wear masks when entering the test centers, and provide the provincial (district or city) "Health Code" (Hainan Health Code shall be presented by local applicants) of the National government service platform to achieve data sharing, or the "epidemic prevention information code" of the National government service platform.     

      Prior to employment, the Mianzhu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau shall make a final assessment of the qualifications of the personnel to be employed who pass the above procedures, and go through the employment procedures for those who pass the final assessment. Before going through the employment procedures, the personnel who have been employed must terminate the personnel labor relationship with the original unit before going through the employment procedures, signing the employment contract and bringing it into the personnel management of the institution. Those who fail to pass the employment procedures shall be disqualified for employment. The minimum length of service is 5 years for those who pass the assessment. (1) practicing avoidance. Any person who has a husband-wife relationship, a direct blood relationship, a collateral blood relationship or a close marriage relationship with the person in charge of the recruitment unit shall not apply for the post of organization (personnel), discipline inspection and supervision, audit and finance of the unit, nor shall he apply for a post with a direct relationship between superior and subordinate leaders. The person in charge of the recruitment unit and the staff in charge of the recruitment shall also be evaded if they are related to the above-mentioned relatives of the applicant or other persons that may affect the impartiality of recruitment. -- Starting from poverty alleviation, we will promote rural revitalization to accelerate development. Firstly, it discusses the current situation of poverty alleviation and the need to promote rural revitalization. Secondly, it discusses how to promote the effective connection between overall poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. To lift off the cap as a starting point, to achieve a better life, high qing struggle "new goals". "The aspiration of the people for a better life is our goal," Xi said. Poverty alleviation is not the end point, "life after poverty alleviation will continue to sprout sesame successively higher". With the changes of The Times and the development of society, the people's needs for a better life have become more and more extensive. They have not only raised higher requirements for material and cultural life, but also increased demands for democracy, the rule of law, fairness, justice, security and the environment. , therefore, the good life is always seeking more happiness, in the face of the people's growing happy life yearning, must always stick to the beginner's mind mission, let the people live a better life as a new target to struggle, in the spirit of a nail solution to worry about things, "for the people, at a higher level to realize people's feeling, happiness and security. 【 Commentary 】 On August 11, many areas in Sichuan province were affected by heavy rainfall. Released in the afternoon, the sichuan first rainstorm orange alert in nearly seven years, sichuan provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters launched Ⅲ level of flood control and emergency response. Some roads and tunnels in Beichuan County, Mianyang city, Sichuan province, were disrupted from Monday evening to Thursday morning. Debris flow disaster occurred in dege and Luding of Ganzi Prefecture. One person was killed and six others were injured when two tourist buses crashed into rocks at 7 PM Tuesday in Shangsizhai, Zhangza Town, Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture. Falling rocks smashed the windshields of the buses. According to telephone reports from Ya 'an city and relevant districts and counties, six people have died and five are missing in The city. The flood level at The Duoyingping Station on the Qingyi River is 589.5 meters, exceeding the highest level ever recorded. At present, fire fighters, medical workers and other rescue forces have entered the disaster area, transfer, treatment of the affected people, the detailed disaster is further statistical verification. On-the-job personnel who apply for the examination should submit at the same time the department or unit with the administrative authority of employing people issued by the approval of the application letter. Those who have signed employment (directional training) agreement or labor contract with the accepting unit should present the letter of introduction that the accepting unit agrees to register. The above-mentioned letter of introduction may also be provided before the medical examination and investigation with the consent of the admission office; In enter oneself for an examination enroll service project in the position of the personnel at the grass-roots level, "the village office to the hiring of college graduates" project personnel shall provide organization departments at or above the county level examination of documents, the staff of the "three helps" program shall provide in shandong province "three helps" work to coordinate the recruitment notice issued by the management office of human resources social security departments above county issued by the inspection material, "western college students volunteer service plan" project personnel shall provide assessment of provincial party committee of the communist youth league of proof, the communist youth league central unified production storage and western college students volunteer service plan appraisal table etc. Above by the organization, human resources and social security department issued by the group provincial party committee inspection certificate material, should be clear candidates in the "village office to the hiring", "three help", "western college students volunteer service plan" at the time of performance, the ideological and political work, as well as the reporting time, service time (time) in specific to, among them, because of secondment (help) to at or above the county level (including county-level) work in government institutions with more than 1 months and time should be marked separately, not included in the service time of the service personnel at the field level;  

         The school unswervingly walks the characteristic school-running road, the talent training quality gradually enhances; Taking the initiative to serve the basic education and local economic and social development of Guangdong Province, He undertakes the training tasks of basic education teachers and school (garden) leaders, and co-builds affiliated schools and education experimental areas with local governments. He has achieved outstanding results and enjoys a high reputation in the society. Personal resume, works, scientific research project certificate, award certificate, professional and technical qualification certificate, second generation resident IDENTITY card (both sides scanned on the same page), household registration book (the first page and the personal page scanned on the same page) and other materials. After the end of the trial, to enter the interview stage of personnel qualification review, qualification review can enter the next stage of the examination. The name list of those who pass the qualification review will be announced on the website of the Personnel Department of Guangdong Second Normal University. If there is no objection to the announcement, enter the interview procedure. In case of a vacancy caused by failure to pass the qualification review, the quota may be filled in the same amount according to the trial performance from high to low.   

        If there is any change in the mailing address, contact information and other information, please indicate in the body of the email. 2. Please indicate the body of the email: name, ID number, admission ticket number, total score of public subjects written test, registration position code, and indicate that "the content of the interview announcement has been known, and I will attend the interview on time". 3. Please send the attached form (downloaded from the special website of National Civil Service Administration), the electronic version of your id photo (in JPG format, which is the same as the photo submitted in the system when you register for the National Civil Service Examination), the scanned copy of your ID card (in PDF format). "My father is the deputy director of the county Justice Bureau, but not the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau or the Wenguangxin Tourism Bureau. He is not related to the leaders or team members of these functional units, so how can I get a position? I just want to pass the exam and get a chance to get a job." Mr. Covindi said the department's community corrections work is onerous and understaffed, with only one director and one temporary staff member at each unit. The year I graduated from the university, the former auxiliary staff of community correction in The Justice Institute of Yu Ning took the examination of the establishment of teachers and left, in urgent need of manpower. In the bureau to make a report, please the bureau to arrange appropriate personnel, but because the salary is too low, has been unable to recruit.    

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