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       (I) Time and place: August 17, 2020. At 8 a.m., the candidates will gather at Jinzijing International Hotel (No. 6 Changhu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi). The physical fitness evaluation will be conducted in groups according to the order of lottery. " And the relevant standards of the Implementation Rules for The Recruitment of People's Police By Public Security Organs physical Fitness assessment. Any item that fails to reach the standard in physical fitness assessment shall be deemed as unqualified in physical fitness assessment. Please bring your own sports clothes and sports shoes on the day of physical fitness assessment. The interview will begin at 9 am on 18 August 2020. Candidates are required to report to the meeting room on the 6th floor of Golden Bauxia International Hotel (no. 6 Changhu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning city, Guangxi Province) before 8 am for the interview. Candidates who still do not enter the waiting room at 8:30 am of the interview day will be disqualified for the interview.    

      All the above materials shall be provided with electronic version, copy or scanning copy, among which the certificate of academic degree verification shall be provided. If there is no time to provide the certificate at the time of registration, the original of relevant materials shall be submitted at the latest during the qualification review, otherwise the employment qualification shall be cancelled.    The physical examination shall be uniformly organized and carried out by the competent department of recruitment at level II and above hospitals, and the medical examination expenses shall be borne by the candidates for examination. The physical examination standards and items shall refer to the notice on the revision of >, the general standard for civil servant recruitment physical examination (trial), and >, the operation manual for civil servant recruitment physical examination (trial) (issued by the human resources and social security department within one working day). Among them, for the school due to the epidemic has not issued the graduation certificate, degree certificate of the public announcement, after obtaining the relevant certificates. If there is no objection at the expiration of the publicity period, the employee shall be appointed.  

      Actively excavate and solicit new customer resources, establish business contact with customers through various channels, manage, maintain and upgrade existing customers, and provide customers with all-round and personalized financial services. Good physical and mental health, good conduct, cheerful personality, good at communication; Strong sense of teamwork and affinity; Strong risk awareness and compliance awareness; Have strong marketing awareness and marketing ability; No bad behavior record. Day. Students studying abroad or abroad shall present certificates of overseas academic qualifications and academic degrees issued by China Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education. Candidates who fail to obtain relevant certificates as required will be deemed to have given up automatically and will not be employed. Review the interview qualifications and get the admission ticket. Before the interview, the competent department of the recruitment unit and the recruitment unit shall review the qualifications of the candidates and obtain the admission ticket. Other matters will be announced separately. Candidates should pay attention to the website of Macheng People's Government and notice of Macheng People's Social network public number from the successful date of registration. Inspection. The examination highlights the quality of moral integrity, focusing on its moral conduct, professional expertise, ability and quality, learning and work performance, position matching, and the examination of the candidates' qualifications. If the object of investigation has abandoned or unqualified inspection, according to the test results in turn fill.   Local governments at all levels shall be responsible for the organization and implementation of the census within their areas of jurisdiction in accordance with the principle of "unified national leadership, division of labor and coordination among departments, local responsibilities at different levels, and joint participation of all parties". The departments in charge of compilation, civil affairs, state tax, local tax, industry and commerce, technical supervision and other relevant departments at all levels shall be responsible for providing the examination and approval or registration of units to the general investigation agencies at the same level, and shall do a good job in the inventory of units according to the unified requirements of general investigation. Article 7 of the Regulations on The National Economic Census issued by the State Council: The economic census shall be conducted once every five years, and the standard time shall be December 31 of the census year. Except for the first economic census issued in 2004, every 3 and 8 years thereafter are economic census years. The fourth national economic census was conducted in 2018. The census date is December 31, 2018, and the census period is the annual data of 2018. The year 2017 is the preparatory stage for the census, mainly to study the general plan for the census and carry out special trials. The year 2018 is the preparatory stage for the census. The main tasks are to set up census institutions at all levels, carry out publicity and mobilization, formulate and deploy census plans, and complete personnel selection and training. 2019 is the stage of census registration, data review and processing, and census results release; A research phase will be launched in 2020 for the publication of census data and the use of census results.

        In the mid-1960s, the African-American movement moved from a nonviolent mass movement to the climax of urban rebellion. In 1965 the Watts district of Los Angeles was the scene of black riots that shook American society. On August 11, Los Angeles police arrested a young black man for driving too fast. After the incident, black men in the city's Watts district clashed with police. Blacks robbed white shops and burned buildings. On August 16th the riot was put down. The rioting resulted in 34 deaths, 1,032 injuries and $40 million in property damage. 5. France: The video conference on International assistance to Lebanon was held at the initiative of the United Nations and France on September 9. The French presidential office said the meeting "pledged" $298 million for emergency humanitarian assistance to Lebanon. 

          Shanxi University student village officials and other service grass-roots project personnel to apply. Specialized positions for grassroots project personnel. The examinee who has not received the certificate of service expiry shall print out the Audit Form for The Staff of The Basic Service Project (downloaded from the attachment of the announcement), and the column of assessment opinions of the service place shall be sealed by the service unit and its superior competent department respectively; In the column of opinions of the sending unit, the review opinions such as whether the service has expired, whether the resident is in office, and the assessment results should be added. (The college student village officials shall be examined and sealed by the municipal and county departments. & other; The teacher's Special Post program. The project personnel shall be examined and sealed by the Education Department of Shanxi Province. & other; The Western project. , & other Northwest Shanxi Plan. As well as (5) Inspection. The organization department of the county Party Committee organizes an investigation group to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the qualified personnel. Investigation shall be carried out by means of reviewing archives, investigating to original units and sending correspondence. Personnel who pass the inspection shall sign the Agreement on Talent Introduction. (8) Employment. The leading group of the talent work of the county Party Committee shall submit the proposal to the standing Committee of the county Party Committee to study and determine the candidates for the introduction after no objection is made to the public notice. By the county party committee editing office, county people and social bureau, county finance bureau and other departments responsible for the introduction of the relevant procedures. (ii) Post and rank treatment. The system of probationary period shall be implemented for the introduced talents. The probationary period shall be one year. Formal employment after probation. Those who are employed as management positions shall be designated as staff of grade 7 for doctoral students and staff of grade 8 for postgraduate students. If it is employed as a professional and technical post, it shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions on post establishment.

      Sun Yi Laboratory (System Neuroscience and Neural Engineering Laboratory) is dedicated to the research of neural network mechanism of social cognition, especially the computational principle of neural network in the process of recognition and decision making in social interaction. Answer these questions by combining multi-photon photonics, electrophysiology, quantitative behavior, connection groups, and theoretical modeling. Simultaneously developing and applying the latest technologies to help answer these scientific questions and apply them to neural engineering. The laboratory has advanced facilities and members come from different disciplines. According to the relevant regulations of westlake university and the applicant's working ability, the laboratory will provide competitive salary and research conditions, and enjoy five social insurance and one housing fund and related benefits of westlake university. The specific treatment is negotiable. The research group pays attention to the cultivation of interdisciplinary research ability, and will support the individual's career development to the maximum extent according to individual interests and needs.  Jiangning Branch of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources is accredited by nanjing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources. Main responsibility is to perform all the natural resources assets owners and all national spatial use control duties, organize the formulation of the national spatial planning and related special planning and supervise the implementation, responsible for strategic planning of city development and management, in charge of urban and rural space resources scientific configuration, in charge of the urban space quality promotion related planning and management, responsible for land use planning and construction management, construction project is responsible for the historical and cultural city protection related planning and management, be responsible for the organization or relating to special space planning of municipal traffic planning and management, responsible for natural resources investigation and monitoring and evaluation, responsible for natural resources and real estate have unified approval register, is responsible for the natural resources assets Compensation for utilization, responsible for the rational development and utilization of natural resources, responsible for the control of land space use, responsible for the overall planning of ecological restoration of land space, responsible for the organization and implementation of the strictest farmland protection system, responsible for geological and mineral management, responsible for mapping and geographic information management. How many students a tutor should take is affected by many factors, such as subject attribute, school scale, tutor's own research task quantity, guidance ability, physical strength and energy, students' quality and ability starting point, etc., which need to be determined according to specific circumstances. In the teacher-student relationship, facing students of different ages, backgrounds and foundations, the tutor is always a constant while the student is a variable. The variability of students often challenges tutors. Therefore, it is difficult to reach a graduate quality evaluation standard at present. Results & throughout; 3 d evaluation index. For another example, there is a contradiction between the emotional involvement of the evaluation subject and the objective truth of the evaluation essence. In order to avoid the emotional involvement of the evaluation subject as much as possible, the way of multi-dimensional subject joint evaluation can be adopted to realize the mutual correction of multiple subjects, or objective evaluation tools can be used to reduce the subjective evaluation error of the evaluation subject. Baoding city human resources and social security bureau in 2020, the open recruitment business unit staff announcement has been published, the enroll 714 people, time signing up for August 18th August 22, 9:00 to 17:00, written test time is on September 5, 2020, 9-11, the written content is "public knowledge", "medical professional basic knowledge, the education of professional knowledge, professional ability tests. 4. Have the educational background, degree, major, age, qualification and household registration corresponding to the requirements of the post. Among them, the teacher qualification certificate of primary and secondary schools can be applied downward; Foreign students should present certificates of academic degree provided by the Center for Overseas Study Certification of the Ministry of Education; College graduates, including fresh graduates and those who have not found a job during the employment period (graduation in 2018 and 2019), can also be employed if they have no qualifications, but should obtain corresponding qualifications within one year after employment. Those who have not obtained the qualifications due to personal reasons will be dismissed. College graduates who have not been employed during the employment selection period (graduation in 2018 and 2019) are: graduates whose archival relations are still kept in the original graduation school, or graduates who are retained in the competent graduate employment authorities at all levels (graduate Employment guidance service center), personnel exchange service agencies at all levels and public employment service agencies at all levels;

       Job requirements: Understand the domestic and foreign economic and financial situation, familiar with regulatory policies, have a deep understanding of the development direction and institutional construction of commercial Banks; Have strong writing ability and independent thinking, investigation, analysis and judgment ability, proficient in computer office software; Relevant management experience in the construction of commercial Banks is preferred. 1. All kinds of certification materials, including but not limited to educational background, academic degree, professional qualification certificate, professional technical title, IDENTITY card, foreign language level certificate, etc.;     

      Please bring the written test admission ticket, your valid ID card and the interview notice. The interview is conducted in a structured way, mainly testing the candidates' comprehensive analysis ability, speech expression ability, planning, organization and coordination ability, strain capacity, emotional control, interpersonal cooperation awareness and skills, job motivation and the matching of the proposed position, manners and appearance, etc. The ministry of human resources and social security and the former ministry of health issued the notice on the revision of >, the general standard for civil servant employment physical examination (trial) and >, the operation manual for civil servant employment physical examination (trial) (issued by the ministry of human resources and social security) The physical examination standards and items shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions on civil servant recruitment physical examination. Those who fail to pass the physical examination shall not enter the link of investigation and employment. Those who pass the physical examination enter the examination and employment link, because the examinee gives up automatically or the vacancy formed by unqualified physical examination, they can apply for the same position and take part in the interview according to the order of the overall examination result from high score to low score. The expenses for the physical examination shall be borne by the examinee. The proportion of confirmed visitors. It is organized and implemented by the leading group of open recruitment of district public institutions, focusing on political and ideological performance, moral quality, business ability, work achievements, social credit record, etc., and its qualification conditions are reviewed. The inspection time will be announced later. According to the actual number of interviews. In case of juxtaposition can also participate in the interview. If the written test has missed the test, cheated or the score is zero, the interview is not allowed.    


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