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         On July 18, the Party committee of Xifeng County Public Security Bureau transferred four capable policemen and four auxiliary police from various police types to the anti drug brigade, and established the anti drug junior college class of Xifeng County Public Security Bureau. According to the province's three-year anti drug campaign and the work requirements of Xifeng County in the basic year of drug control, this team fully undertakes the tasks of local drug control, and coordinates the target assessment, supervision and inspection, so as to achieve 100% real control of the existing drug addicts in the jurisdiction, and form a "special class"; There is a refined anti drug system with special personnel. Xiao Li introduced us, and he was familiar with pouring water. Old man Zhao was prepared for that. He asked me to sit down and then said, "the good thing about that year is that I remember the old man clearly. I can tell you something specific. Although I took your money, it is not easy to ask for more, but in any case, this is the secret of our town. I hope you can try not to publicize it to the public." He said slowly: "you should know that before 2013, the tourism industry in our town was not running well, and there were few tourists coming to visit. The big guy was fed up with the poor days, so he went to the cave in the barren mountain behind every day, praying for more tourists in the town." After lunch, the child's grandfather came back from the third mother's home after dinner. I asked him, is there enough people in the third mother's house to sit down? The child's grandfather said that the daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and the aunt next door did not eat. One year after Spring Festival, my husband and his second grandfather invited him to his home for dinner. I said that I think people may be polite not to go, because their relationship is normal. My mother-in-law insisted that we should go and go, and also let us bring a bunch of gifts. After noon, there was only one child at home, which could be said to be very embarrassing.

       &Time is the most precious thing for our riders. We should deliver the meal to the customers on time without overtime. Once the overtime platform is punished, customers will be fined if they complain. If there is overtime in one day, you will run away in vain, the service score will be reduced, and the order receiving will be limited later! We also want to abide by the traffic rules. There is a family behind us who rush outside in the scorching sun and heavy rain to earn money and support our family. We don't want to have an accident. This is the spear and shield of reality. Obeying the traffic rules means that you don't have time to finish your work. If you see here, some people may say that you can take a little less, and the meal time is set every day In two hours, we have to finish tens of thousands of orders in two hours. Hundreds of riders can only take more orders. Maybe some people say that if there are more riders and more riders, each rider will earn less and earn less. Which rider is willing to do this hard work? This is spear and shield again! On August 10, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the announcement on the planned recovery of some telecommunication network code number resources. According to relevant regulations, it is planned to take back some telecommunication network code resources in the near future. In order to protect the interests of users and enhance the transparency and fairness of the management of telecom network code number resources, this part of telecom network code number resources to be recovered is publicized, and the publicity time is up to September 9, 2020. After the expiration of the publicity period, the code number recovery mechanism will be started to recover the corresponding telecom network code number resources. According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, according to the plan, the number 95 is the number used uniformly throughout the country. It can be divided into three categories according to the purpose: customer service number of service-oriented enterprises and institutions, public service number and other business access number. In other words, it may be a bank, an airline, a government department, or a value-added telecom enterprise that does business with the number 95. Most of the time, users are most disgusted to receive a call from this last type of sales promotion business. There were many small towns called Hilda in the country before the first century. About this small town, there is a well founded old proverb: "as adults do, so do children." The conservative Hilda people have lived the same life as their ancestors for centuries. However, the endless disasters and their love for their hometown forced the Hilda people to give up the life style they had been used to since ancient times and embark on a new and difficult road. Now let's tell the story of their new journey. The first Hilda was a very intelligent and wise man, so it is not hard to understand that he would not let his children grow into irrational, idle people. Like a faithful and reliable teacher, he imparts knowledge to his children, so that they can understand all the moral qualities of life, making them incomparable in the world. 

      In order to turn the grand blueprint of Guiyang Gui'an high-quality development into a beautiful reality, we must actively explore the realization path of transforming ecological advantages into economic advantages, and enhance the sustainable development ability of Guiyang Gui'an. Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, and green is the city background color of Guiyang Gui'an; we should vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization, and constantly enrich the green connotation of Guiyang Gui'an high-quality development. We should optimize the ecological space layout, strengthen pollution prevention and control measures, enrich the supply of ecological products, and promote the development of green industry. Efforts should be made to promote the ecological and Ecological Industrialization of the industry, and strive to build a green industrial system with Guiyang Gui'an characteristics, so as to open up the transition channel from green water and green mountains to golden mountains and silver mountains with high quality. At the same time, some European critics have also referred to the "prism" monitoring plan of the United States many years ago, pointing the finger at the US government and accusing the US government of being the "habitual offender" in monitoring the world;. It is worth noting that in the plan, nine U.S. Internet giants, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and apple, are all involved in the plan. In 2013, Snowden exposed the large-scale secret monitoring projects of U.S. intelligence agencies such as "prism", which shocked international public opinion. According to the documents disclosed by Snowden, not only the citizens and residents of the United States are monitored by the project, but also the political figures and people of many European countries, such as France and Germany, are also monitored by the United States. For a time, the U.S. government has been pushed to the forefront of threats to global network security. Since the launching of the war of creating cultural relics in Guiyang City, Guiyang Economic Development Zone has always adhered to the problem-oriented approach, taking the general trend of civilization creation to solve problems, and taking benefiting the people as the starting point and foothold of civilization creation. The Party Working Committee and Management Committee of the district have held many mobilization meetings, promotion meetings and training meetings with high specifications and large scale to solve the problem of "for whom to create"; , who will create it and how to create it. In order to ensure that the existing problems are effectively rectified and comprehensively implement the rectification related work, Guiyang Economic Development Zone has specially established a leading group and headquarters for the rectification and tackling of national civilized cities. The working leading group and the command department have set up special teams and commandos for the rectification of national civilized cities in the party and government office and Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Construction Management Bureau, and 24 business people are transferred from various units The backbone, wholeheartedly devoted to the creative work, aimed at the outstanding problems and weak links strongly reflected by the masses, the "top leaders" project at all levels and departments of the district personally planned, deployed and promoted at a high level.   

      "Yes, I didn't think it would be a blessing in disguise. At that time, we thought it was the fulfillment of the prayer. We all thank the God cave one after another, but we didn't expect Then something happened. " Zhao Laohan sighed, "the tourists who came to see the moon disappeared in one night. Then, the color of the moon returned to normal, because the 10 missing people were all women. People in the town said that it must be the witch moon who sucked their yin and took the people away. " "Well, but because of what happened in the town, even without the witch moon, many female tourists would not dare to come." He glanced at my face and whispered, "you have to be careful." The face was covered with ugly scars. At first glance, she looked terrible. She looked back at me and quickly bent down and said, "it has been cleaned up. I will go out immediately." Now playing mahjong does not focus on technology, and the whole country is "pushing down". What is a little difficult is "258 generals". This was not the case in the past. In the past, we had to "calculate and turn", with complex skills and various patterns, such as "one color, one dragon, high efficiency, serial sets, front door cleaning, Qiaoqi, sifenghui, quandaiyao, sanyuanhui, wumenqi, laoshaofu, biansanqi, etc. Five overturn cards are considered as "peace"; ten turn slams are no longer counted upward. However, there are also some exceptions. It is very difficult to achieve a double slam, which is very difficult. In addition, there are three kinds of double slams, which are "four winds, three yuan, Qing and seven pairs", "Tian He" and "Di he", which are regarded as double double Slams.  In 1772, James cork completed two famous expeditions to the South Pacific. The purpose of these two expeditions was to unravel the secrets of the southern continent. In mid June, he left Portsmouth, England, with adventure and resolute. They sailed south from the Atlantic Ocean, and then eastbound through the Cape of good hope. As long as there was no ice, cork would go as far south as he could. On January 17, 1773, the two ships entered the Antarctic Circle, which is the boundary between the temperate zone and the cold zone, that is, the Antarctic circle at 66 degrees 30 minutes south latitude. Comparing their route with the current map of the Antarctic continent, they had reached a distance of 250 kilometers from the coast of the continent, but they did not know it at that time. They continued to sail in the Antarctic sea, only to return to Cape Horn in the spring of 1775, and then headed for England. "This is mysterious. According to the older generation, it is the residence of the mountain god. It's very big. I went to see it when I was a child. It's all made of natural stone tables and chairs. At that time, the development zone used this hole as a tourist attraction, but after all, it was not so grand that no tourists were interested in it. Later, only local people like us would occasionally pray. " "I don't want to pray that in 2013, not only the tourists did not come, but the moon in the sky turned green. Everyone thought it was unlucky and said it was a witch's moon." "I know about it, because the moon only seen in Caifeng town was green at that time, and it was normal in any other place. It was so strange that a large number of tourists came here to see the freshness." I looked at him and said.

      In order to stimulate the masses to carry out the reform and innovation, we have launched the "reform and Innovation Zone" in Guiyang; The implementation plan of theme practice activities requires the party members of the whole region to take the rectification and tackling of national civilized cities as an important practice of fulfilling their original mission, actively highlight their identity, be the vanguard and build up their image, actively participate in the front line of the battle, insist on starting from themselves, take the lead in abiding by the basic moral standards and civil code of conduct of citizens, and consciously advocate the creation of civilized cities They are the pioneers, the pioneers and the promoters.     

          By this time winter was approaching, and seal hunting season was over, and Weddell decided to sail back. Although they did not even hunt a seal, they were bound to get no pay. However, in order not to disappoint the sailors, Weddell held a small ceremony, in which the British flag was hoisted on two ships, and the crew were ordered to sail 380 kilometers closer to the south pole than cork, and then fired a salute to celebrate their record. In fact, seafarers and explorers knew the existence of magnetic north and South Pole long ago. They often use a rope to tie a small piece of magnetite, which can point north and South after turning. In case of a storm, they can not see the stars, so they can easily use this small piece of iron to determine the direction of navigation. However, Kimura was calm and said with a smile, "as long as you come here, you can live with it. Since we are paid to have a good night, we don't have to be polite. As the saying goes, we have to spend the whole evening together. Let's introduce ourselves first. My name is Kimura. I work for a magazine. Today I happened to be here on business. I was sent an invitation, and I came here. In fact, I have been here half a month ago. " On hearing everyone's names, Kimura immediately felt moved. Ah, the first two letters of the phonetic alphabet of these five people's names were all "m ⷠC". It can be seen that the people who invited them did not invite them at random, but came prepared. When asked where they were half a month ago, they all stayed in the Banshan hotel at that time. This further shows that this gathering is related to the case of Meicai.

      The ant opened the letter and saw that it was sent by a bee. There was a leaf in it with three small holes in it. He thought, how could bees send me such a strange letter? He thought about it carefully and thought of what the bee said to him when they were walking last time. He thought that it must be the bee who asked him to help her deliver the baby. He has a good job "This is mysterious. According to the older generation, it is the residence of the mountain god. It's very big. I went to see it when I was a child. It's all made of natural stone tables and chairs. At that time, the development zone used this hole as a tourist attraction, but after all, it was not so grand that no tourists were interested in it. Later, only local people like us would occasionally pray. " "I don't want to pray that in 2013, not only the tourists did not come, but the moon in the sky turned green. Everyone thought it was unlucky and said it was a witch's moon." "I know about it, because the moon only seen in Caifeng town was green at that time, and it was normal in any other place. It was so strange that a large number of tourists came here to see the freshness." I looked at him and said. Stephenson is a Norwegian. In the early 20th century, he proposed to cross the Arctic Ocean to explore the Arctic without enough food and fuel. At that time, many people thought it was crazy nonsense, and warned him: if you do, you must starve to death on the way. Whether or not he would starve to death? Stephenson himself could not reach a conclusion. However, the determination to uncover the secrets of the Arctic and the unique courage of an expedition scientist prompted him to practice it in person. So, he and two brave companions, with weapons and ammunition to the North Pole. The Arctic Ocean is a magical floating ice world. Some of them are as small as football, some as big as an island; some are only inches thick, some are more than 100 feet thick. These large and small pieces of ice drift around the sea all day long, hitting each other and sometimes making a loud noise. At this time, cherkaski vaguely felt that he might have gone wrong, so he sent three envoys to the king of Shiva between the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea, asking him to give him some help, but the messengers he sent never returned. As a result, cherkaski had to change his plan, and the coastal coastline turned down and began to head north. It was the second year that they left their hometown. In July, they had not found the Amu Darya. The scorching summer sun scorched people to sweat. The explorers fell down one after another. Cherkaski was so anxious that he could only pray silently for the miracle to happen. Another month later, the expedition arrived at the oasis in the territory of Shiva. These oases are irrigated by the Amu Darya River. Cherkaski was ecstatic, and the team members were also in high spirits. The team could not help but speed up their march. Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, said that pompeio and other US politicians have repeatedly abused state power to suppress and contain China's high-tech enterprises under the pretext of safeguarding national security. China firmly opposes this. The US side's practice has no factual basis at all. It is totally malicious slander and political manipulation. Its essence is to maintain its high-tech monopoly position, completely violate the market principles and international economic and trade principles, and seriously threaten the security of the global industrial chain supply chain. It is a typical hegemonic act.

      Although it was impossible to confirm the existence of Antarctic land at that time, cork had actually made a circle around the outer part of the Antarctic continent. On the south pole, cork once predicted in his diary: "it is not easy and dangerous to explore the unknown ice sea coast. According to my experience, I don't think anyone will follow my adventure. I am sure that there are continents in the south, but they can't be found." At that time, he might have seen the Antarctic Peninsula from the slope of the hillside on the island of lessepson. The captain of the seal fleet may have been the first to discover the Antarctic continent. The place he found was vast mountain areas, and with thicker snow and fog than the South cydland islands, it was extremely desolate. Everyone rushed to the gate one by one, because a guest from other places came, which is not always the case every year. When he came, he was more noticeable than yellow fever. Tom stepped over the doorstep and was coming into the house. The carriage went back to the village along the road. We were all crowded at the gate. Tom was dressed in a new ready-made suit, and there was another audience in front of him - as soon as there was an audience, Tom Sawyer was enthusiastic. In such a situation, he would be able to show his mettle without any effort, and he would be very decent The little panda patted the door of his head and said, "yes, how could I not have thought of it?" with that, he took the apple to the hedgehog's house and was about to knock on the door. The door opened. The animals in the story received gifts, but they didn't like to eat, so they were very unhappy, but they received gifts from each other. As long as they changed, the problem would be solved. Sometimes, if you think about it in another way, many problems can be solved easily.   He didn't worry, he didn't care, because he had mastered the way to start the door and was not afraid that he couldn't get out of the hole. He was not interested in the treasure in the cave. He needed money badly. Therefore, considering the donkey's carrying capacity, he decided to get only a few bags of gold coins, tied them in the firewood, and threw them on the donkey to carry them away. In this way, people will not see the purse, but will still regard him as a woodcutter who is cutting firewood for a living. Ali Baba carried money and drove his donkey back to the city. When he got home, he quickly unloaded his pack, untied the bundle of firewood, and carried the bag containing gold coins into the room and placed it in front of his wife. When his wife saw that the bag was full of gold coins, she thought Ali Baba had taken the plunge and robbed someone. So she scolded him and blamed him for not forgetting his own interests and doing bad things.

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