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       Cui zhenling thanked the University Party Committee, leaders at all levels, teachers and students of the school for their trust and support. He indicated that he would do a good job in three aspects in the future: first, to explore and innovate, further refine the characteristics of disciplines and specialties, highlight characteristics and strengthen advantages, promote the win-win situation of multi-discipline cooperation, and form new ideas for the future development of the school. Second, continue to mobilize the enthusiasm of all faculty and staff, steadily promote the college work, give full play to the collective role of the leadership, wholeheartedly for the teachers and students service, together with the whole faculty and staff, so that the college's various construction has made new achievements. Third, we should learn from teachers with an open mind and carry out our work more effectively. Focusing on the tasks in the next stage of the school, we should plan the finishing work of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the opening work of the 14th five-year Plan, so as to promote the better development of all the work of the School.  Her Socialist Alternative Party is a Trotskyist Party in the United States. Not that she disagrees with the bill, but that it "doesn't go far enough." It was the activist who was previously reported to have mobilized "autonomous" demonstrators, calling for Seattle's mayor to step down and chanting "Stop funding the police." Not long ago, Academician Zhang Fusuo and a number of agricultural University teachers held a meeting to discuss the next development direction of science and technology academy. Wang said that the 1.0 version of the academy will mainly serve agriculture and farmers, promote the quality and efficiency of agricultural products, and increase farmers' production and income. The 2.0 version of science and technology courtyard is the development of service industry, promoting the green development of the whole agricultural production chain; The 3.0 version of the science and technology courtyard is to promote rural revitalization through the integration of three industries. Why should science and technology courtyard exist, why should the students go to the countryside to face various kinds of difficulties? Zhang Hongyan said: "To solve the difficulties of people's livelihood, we must first understand and then solve them. How can we understand if we are not in the countryside? The countryside is backward, agriculture is existence problem, the more so we have to manage more! If we make the farmers' life easier, the whole national economy will rise to a higher level."

      There are four beautiful women, which correspond to the four ugliest women in history: Nanmu, Zhong Wuyan, Meng Guang and Ruan's women. The beauty of a woman's face is what makes her immortal, but it is much more difficult for an ugly woman to go down in history. Nowadays it is not a joke to say that. One must read more books to be ugly. In fact, the same is true in ancient times, these ugly women want to go down in history by talent. If we know that our ancient tolerance of women is not compared with the modern, as an ugly woman, just rely on their own talent, can be recognized in ancient times it is a very difficult thing. In addition, after the resumption of stock trading, there may be a phenomenon of making up the fall, leading to a drop in the stock. In short, the resumption of trading after the suspension of the stock, rise or fall to see: the reasons for the suspension and the strength of the market. Risk Disclosure: This information is organized in part on the basis of the Network and does not constitute any investment advice. Investors shall not use such information to replace their independent judgment or make decisions based solely on such information. It does not constitute any buying or selling operation and does not guarantee any income. If operating by yourself, please pay attention to position control and risk control. Since 2020, there have been so many events surrounding coVID-19 that there is no doubt that it is a disaster for the whole human being. The cumulative number of cases of coVID-19 now exceeds 19.5 million must be unprecedented, and the number of cases is increasing by 280,000 every day. Among them, 5.09 million cases were recorded in the United States, with 63,000 new cases per day; 2.96 million in Brazil, with 49,000 new cases per day; and 2.08 million in India, with 61,000 new cases per day. They cannot solve the problem by isolation alone. Vaccination is the last hope to deal with the crisis. Now there is great news in China. Actually in the global outbreak, in addition to the who, the ability of countries to research new vaccines, and the United States has been released before, said a vaccine has begun clinical trials, there would be put into use in August, but today the United States for vaccine less and less, after the Chinese fuelled, uncharacteristically publicly expressed congratulations to trump, and soon a tangent and said the United States as the world the worst affected by the epidemic situation of a country, should be the first to enjoy the vaccine. What this means is to ask the Chinese for help, and perhaps to go further is to ask us for vaccine technology, but this is called. America First. They're being ignored here! Measures and Suggestions: Early screening of abnormal blood sugar population, lifestyle intervention, active prevention of diabetes. Patients with diabetes should take medicine as prescribed by doctors and control all indicators within the normal range. Meanwhile, changes in their cognitive function should be closely monitored. Recommended reasons: To maintain a healthy lifestyle, rational drug use, maintain a good state of the cerebrovascular system, and avoid atherosclerosis, cerebral hypoperfusion or other cerebrovascular diseases; Patients with stroke, especially those with cerebral microhemorrhage, should be closely monitored for changes in their cognitive function, and effective preventive measures should be taken to protect their cognitive function. Measures and Suggestions: middle-aged and elderly susceptible people should control the risk factors of cerebrovascular diseases, such as smoking, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, etc., through changes in drugs and lifestyle. Cerebrovascular disease patients should be actively prevented and treated.

      At one point, gold was down more than $90 an ounce from its highs as positive vaccine news from Russia and the United States, based on a technical correction, quickly improved risk sentiment and gold's losses intensified and moved back below the $2,000 level. On the other hand, us 10-year real interest rates have also fallen from their recent record lows, which would also weigh on gold, which has been tracking 10-year real interest rates. Every move a vaccine makes during an epidemic can have a big impact on risk sentiment. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced they have developed an effective vaccine against the coronavirus, adding that voluntary vaccination will start as early as October. While some experts remain skeptical in the absence of data from the phase III trial, the development boosted risk sentiment and weighed on safe-haven gold on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway, a White House adviser, said investors were starting to position ahead of President Donald Trump's press conference on Tuesday, when he is widely expected to announce more positive developments on the six coronavirus vaccines.  Rand Corporation is the most influential think tank with close ties to the US political and military circles, and its research reports on China's political and military affairs are highly regarded in the US and the West. A report published more than a decade ago suggested that the United States could launch air strikes against China in the event of a war with the United States, citing the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia during the Kosovo war as an example. A pair of American military boots is unacceptable. But & other; Be able to accept American air strikes. . It's worth noting that Russia became the first country in the world to register a coVID-19 vaccine, and just a day after Putin's announcement, US President Donald Trump appeared to be "in a hurry". At a White House briefing on the epidemic, Trump announced that the US government will buy up to 400 million additional doses of vaccine from domestic biotech firm Moderna, and that the federal government will have the option to buy up to 400 million additional doses, CNBC reported Wednesday. Currently, Modena has invested $955 million in vaccine development, with the total investment expected to reach $2.48 billion. Modena's coVID-19 vaccine is currently in phase III clinical trials and will test its efficacy and safety in about 30,000 people, the report said. In the afternoon, Hong Kong residents set off firecrackers and brought out champagne to celebrate, like a long-lost festival. The arrest of Mr Lai, arguably Hong Kong's biggest cancer roil, was an operation to remove it. People are concerned, first of all, there are other large and small disorderly harbor tumor, when will be removed? Second, will Mr Lai be released as soon as he is caught, not only because he has not been cut clean, but also because it will accelerate the spread of the virus? Photos taken by the media showed Lai wearing a mask, his eyes drooping, his suit jacket and trousers wrinkled, looking just like a prisoner should. Mr Lai probably knew in his own mind that this time he would not be able to go in in the morning and out in the evening as he had done before.

      The yield on the 10-year Treasury, which was 14% in 1984, is now just 0.5%. For most of that time, the fall in Treasury yields was a reliable indicator of future economic weakness. That no longer seems to be the case. With interest rates so low, long-term government bonds may no longer be the best option for yields or capital preservation, Shalett said. Indeed, if inflation expectations of about 1.5 per cent are taken into account, the "real" yield on the 10-year Treasury is now minus 1 per cent. That led to some profit-taking and then a chain reaction. When people start taking profits, more people follow, so we see gold accelerating." According to Ge Jun, global CEO of Tianjiu Sharing Group and former global vice President of Apple Inc, Tianjiu Sharing Group has consolidated and connected 322 investment institutions in recent years, which have a total asset management scale of trillions of yuan. With the support of strong capital, Tianjiu Co., Ltd. will start with more than 100 senior investors. Trillions of capital incubating unicorns. With the help of this unicorn gala, we will release a wave of capital dividends and enabling opportunities to create a unicorns rise after the epidemic. Capital & throughout; The engine. Which unicorns will be favored by trillions of dollars will be the big story of this conference.   

      Focusing on the field of women and children and featuring "famous doctor, famous institution and famous brand", the Project of Shuirun Health Mall gathers medical leaders in the big Health industry chain, leading medical service enterprises, innovative medical technology and other ecological resources to create a smart sharing medical and Health complex. At the same time, it also provides medical experts of various disciplines with a platform for multi-point practice, institution registration, brand promotion, market operation, tax planning and other safe practice and play a greater value; To provide all kinds of institutions settled in the planning site, license application, equipment and facilities sharing, product application, brand promotion, marketing and industrial coordination and other comprehensive support; For the majority of consumers to provide disease prevention, screening diagnosis, clinical diagnosis and treatment, chronic disease management, rehabilitation conditioning, health education, health consumption one-stop closed-loop, whole-life cycle solutions and "All For One" exclusive service experience. Trading system: integrated technology innovation board. There are five major changes: 1) The increase or decrease ratio will be relaxed from 10 per cent to 20 per cent, and the stock portion will take effect on the first day of trading of the first stock issued under the new rules; 2) There shall be no limit on the rise or fall of new stocks on the GEM five days before they are listed, and two trading suspension indexes of 30% and 60% shall be set to stabilize prices and prevent excessive fluctuations; 3) Introduction of after-hours pricing trading; 4) Optimize the financial integration system and mechanism; 5) Optimize other micro-mechanism arrangements, including setting the upper limit of the maximum number of a single declaration, and setting an effective bidding range of 2% above or below the limit declaration during the continuous bidding period. In addition, the share reduction arrangement, the growth enterprise market and science and technology board is basically the same. Nine men and one woman, aged between 23 and 72, have been arrested in Hong Kong on suspicion of crimes of endangering national security by collaborating with foreign countries or foreign forces in violation of Hong Kong's National Security Law. Two of the men arrested on suspicion of violating Hong Kong's national Security laws and four others arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud are senior media executives who allegedly used the factory at a low price through fraud.  Loose monetary policy means that investors treat gold as an asset, and when real yields fall, it rises, and vice versa. In this case, the opportunity cost of owning gold, a non-earning asset, is lower because the investor does not give up the cost of earning interest on the earning asset. "The precious metals sector has done well over the summer, driven by falling interest rates, steadily rising inflation expectations and a falling dollar," Bart Melek, head of global strategy at TD Securities, said on Tuesday. The shift came as the dollar showed some strength and real interest rates reversed.

      In September 1954, during the first National People's Congress, she turned on the radio and listened to the daily news as usual. Suddenly, a very familiar voice came from the radio. She listened attentively. It's him, it's him & Hellip; & hellip; There was a thump and she fainted on the sofa. After the rescue, she regained consciousness, but her mental health could never be restored. Suffering from schizophrenia he Zizhen in Shanghai, on and off, she proposed to live in Nanchang, Jiangxi for a few days, still not good, relapse symptom is more and more serious. When she was ill, she was in a state of doubt, fear and high tension, always thinking that someone was going to murder her.   "The President will have an update on the vaccine today at the White House, and I'm sure he will make an announcement [about the situation] at a public press conference, possibly later today at a press conference." Conway said in an interview with FOX News on November 11. In intraday TRADING in the US, spot gold fell again, falling 4.21% to below $1940, more than $90 from the day's high. Spot gold hit a record $2, 072.50 an ounce last week. The spot rally over the past four weeks has been excessive, as is clear from the extremely high RSI values and significant deviations from the 100-day moving average. The market's mood on gold has turned extremely enthusiastic, with only a few participants sounding the alarm. A drop to $1,924 an ounce cannot be ruled out, but a very pronounced pullback, as seen in mid-March, is unlikely. Most importantly, the price of gold and silver has not yet reached an end, and the long-term outlook for gold and silver remains positive. Once the current adjustment is over, prices could start rising again. Nine men and one woman, aged between 23 and 72, have been arrested in Hong Kong on suspicion of crimes of endangering national security by collaborating with foreign countries or foreign forces in violation of Hong Kong's National Security Law. Two of the men arrested on suspicion of violating Hong Kong's national Security laws and four others arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud are senior media executives who allegedly used the factory at a low price through fraud.

           For the United States, a visit by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, or even Mr Pence or Mr Trump, would be provocative enough, but that could lead to things getting out of hand.

        When the daily chart is in high order, the random index tends to go down further, and MA5/10 tends to go flat with gluing, so there is a downside risk. 4 - hour chart in the back to lower the tidbit, rebound strength is not strong. The hourly chart suppressed first and then lifted, but lacked upward momentum. Day recommendation 1.3100 below short, attention 1.3000 support. Daily chart slightly higher but the kinetic energy is not strong, short - term still maintain a volatile pattern. 4-hour short line slightly strong, but the upper face of 106.50 resistance, may limit the rise. Hourly chart finds support at 105.65, the high has moved up. Day recommended careful operation, slightly inclined to 106.20 below short, first see 105.80.   


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