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      Provide important information support for the formulation of the 14th five-year Plan. Through population census, we can find out the population quantity, structure and distribution in China, accurately grasp the trend characteristics of population change, and provide scientific and accurate population information support for scientifically formulating the national economic and social development plan during the 14th five-year Plan period. To provide important information support for promoting high-quality development. At present, China's economy is in a critical period of transforming the development pattern, optimizing the economic structure and transforming the driving force of growth. Only by finding out the basic national conditions such as total population, structure and distribution in a timely manner, and understanding the structure of human resources, can we more accurately grasp the demand structure, urban and rural structure, regional structure and industrial structure, and provide strong support for promoting high-quality economic development and building a modern economic system.  Huang Liquan bustles over to the bedside of a patient, a grandfather in his 80s who is on a ventilator because of his poor lung function. As he got closer, he could tell from the waveform on the ventilator that the bronchial tubes were clogged with sputum. If the sputum is not drawn out in time, the lung function of the elderly will be more damaged. He first let the nurse help the patient back suction sputum, the results failed to suction, so he took fiberoptic bronchoscope, and a skilful operation, two minutes to do, the old man's heart rate immediately improved. Another shock was successfully resolved by him. Time passed quickly, and although the night shift was still safe, Huang Liquan was sleepy. He took out an old synopsis of the Golden Chamber from his desk drawer and began to read quietly. These are the study notes of his teacher, Wang Kungen, the first national famous Chinese medicine practitioner, when he was young.  

        The conduct of government is what the people want. Stopping the spread of the epidemic and ensuring public health is a top priority for Hong Kong. The electoral vote will inevitably lead to population congregations, increasing the risk of outbreaks and endangering the health of the population. In the face of severe challenges and after careful consideration, the HKSAR Government has decided to postpone the election of the seventh Legislative Council for one year. This is not only an effective way to stop the spread of the epidemic, but also in full compliance with the basic Law, the Emergency Regulations and other relevant provisions. It is a responsible act for public health and a legal approach. More than 1.5 million Hong Kong citizens have expressed their support online for the postponement of the legislative Council election, which fully proves that this is the right move in line with the public opinion.  Secondly, by taking this opportunity, the "agglomeration effect" can be amplified. The market of express delivery related industry is one of the "main battlefields" for attracting investment all over the country. As a small express technology town built by Fuchun Future City, "the tower near the water gets the month first", it can seize the opportunity of the development of express related industries, plan the industrial layout as a whole, and speed up the gathering of express related enterprises in Tong. In addition, in the development layout of the province's express delivery industry, How to better "enter the factory", "enter the village" and "go to sea", Tonglu, as a bridge connecting "three links and one access", will become an important window for the province to practice "two in and one out" project. It is expected that all parties will seize this opportunity and further clarify the construction standards of express delivery infrastructure through the follow-up effects brought by this return, such as studying the relationship between urban population and the layout of express delivery infrastructure and the service radius of infrastructure, etc., so as to create a sample of express delivery operation in Zhejiang province. (Jin Xiaolei, Deputy Director, Policy and Regulations Department, Provincial Postal Administration)  

      Since the second half of this year, the "two new and one heavy" investment projects have accelerated, and export enterprises have been exploring the domestic market. Aiming at the huge domestic market, many enterprises are actively transforming. Based on the background of the great domestic cycle, the new prospect of high-quality development of enterprises is unfolding everywhere and in all fields. "At present, China's economy has a clear trend of further recovery and recovery. The rate of recovery depends on the actual effect of policies, especially policies to expand domestic demand, among which boosting investment is very important." Zhang Liqun, a researcher at the Macroeconomic Research Department of the Development Research Centre of the State Council, said. Similarly, Guangdong Senbao Culture Industry Co., LTD., also a major foreign trade company, also faced significant downward pressure on its export business during the epidemic. After the company's transformation into domestic trade with the help of Ali's new wholesale platform 1688, domestic sales recovered, and the overall performance rose instead of falling. The sales volume of building blocks exceeded 10,000 boxes in a single month.   A net force is forming. This year, "three access to a" and SF joint venture set up a total investment of 100 million yuan bee net investment Co., LTD., join hands in tonglu "mining center". "Everyone is laying out for the whole industrial chain, and the need is for a gathering platform like Futurecity to form a siphon effect, providing them with opportunities to expand and space for cooperation." Tonglu Postal administration (private express development center) liaison coordination division director Lei Wei so evaluation of the four giants "cluster home" meaning. "From the tourism champion county in the 1990s, to the later massive economic boom, to become the first 100 million yuan township in the province, Tonglu has developed to the present, the county economy has felt a lot of resistance. In recent years, the county party committee and the county government have never stopped exploring and transforming the county economy into the metropolitan economy. Tonglu county party Committee chief said.  The postponement of elections for the Legislative Council is in line with international practice. It's been a year of elections around the world, but at least 60 countries and regions have postponed their plans because of the outbreak. The opposition in Hong Kong has politicized the fight against the epidemic and stigmatized the normal postponement of the legislative Council election because of the epidemic, putting political expediency above life and safety. Some countries and politicians also took the opportunity to stir up the flames by encouraging Hong Kong to "hold the election on schedule" while postponing the election in their own countries. The "double standard" is clearly exposed. What is their intention? Life is the highest priority. The rebound of the epidemic will have a serious impact on the economy and people's livelihood. Prevention and fight against the epidemic is the prerequisite for Hong Kong's prosperity and development. The Hong Kong people should be fully aware of the dangers of the epidemic, put aside their differences and unite as one. Under the leadership of the SAR government, we should work together to win the battle against the epidemic at an early date, create favorable conditions for the recovery of the economy and improvement of people's livelihood, and bring Hong Kong society back to the right track at an early date.

      Despite the decline in shipments, domestic brands have a clear advantage in the domestic mobile phone market. In July 2020, the shipments of domestic branded mobile phones reached 20.724,000 units, down 35.1% year-on-year, accounting for 92.9% of the mobile phone shipments in the same period. 36 new models were launched, down 16.3% year on year, accounting for 90% of the number of new mobile phones launched in the same period. From January to July, 160 million Chinese branded mobile phones were shipped, down 21.7% year on year, accounting for 91.2% of the mobile phone shipments in the same period. A total of 234 new models of domestic brands have been launched, down 11.4% year on year, accounting for 91.4% of the new models of mobile phones launched in the same period.      

          "So many county leaders sent out the service, send policy, let us very moved." Yu Weijiao, chairman of YTO Express Co., recalls. It was also after the meeting that YTO stepped up its pace of return. Fuchun Future City fully cooperated, designed four versions of planning drafts before and after, and finally brought the yto National Engineering Laboratory innovation research and development Base project back to Tonglu. After entering the Tonglu County Government meeting center, Yu Weijiao's first words were: "It's really good to be home." In 2010, he and his wife, Zhang Xiaojuan, spent several months in Beijing before finally bringing back to Tonglu the golden sign of "the hometown of private express delivery in China". Now, with the development of my hometown, this golden sign has been given a new meaning. "The hometown of couriers" is being upgraded to "the hometown of the express industry" at an accelerating pace. In Yu Weijiao's opinion, it is the customized blueprints and sincere visits that make YTO feel the sincerity of his hometown. "The county has done a lot of meticulous work and made different plans according to the characteristics of each enterprise and the different regression projects, so that we can have a better development platform and create greater value after returning to our hometown." CCTV news: The national Poverty Alleviation Vocational Skills Competition co-sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council kicked off in Datong, Shanxi yesterday. The competition is China's first professional skills competition on the theme of poverty alleviation. More than 300 contestants are all from poor families with registered CARDS. For the competition on the electrician, the maids, e-commerce division, such as eight games, from the national document tent card poor families 341 contestants will be competitive in 2 days, finally decide the gold, silver and bronze MEDALS, won the gold medal and the worker for the unit, will be human resources and social security ministry awarded the title of "national technical experts".

      & have spent & have spent On the contrary, we still have a long way to go in garbage classification from "want to do" to "can do" and then to "insist to do" and "do subconsciously". In this gradual process, I think "external guidance" is particularly critical. On the one hand, strict rules and regulations should be used to punish those who throw recklessly; on the other hand, people should strengthen their new habits with immediate rewards. From the perspective of practice, the former is obviously lost in the loose, lost in the soft; The latter has been tried in some communities. For example, residents who meet the standard of classified delivery can exchange green points for household articles online. If every community can work together to punish those who fail to meet the standards of garbage classification and reward those who pass the classification, such persistence will be rewarded for a long time to come. I believe that most people will not bother with such "critical matters". In 2017, Tantou Village set up a professional farming cooperative to cultivate agricultural industry and build a selenium-rich brand. & other; Want to change traditional planting pattern, realize agricultural to plant industrialization, must let the land that farmer contracts first circulate rise. Throughout the &; Xiao Guihua said. & other; How happy I was when I got the land transfer rent and dividends from the cooperative! Throughout the &; Liu Yangfu is full of gratitude. It is Xiao Secretary and village cadres to the good policy to our hands, to the warmth of our hearts. Throughout the &; At present, 109 impoverished households in Tantou village have all become shareholders in breeding cooperatives. Since this year, China's steel market volatility. After a downturn in the first quarter, demand has gradually recovered since the second quarter. Recently, some steel mills have seen a significant increase in orders, and even queued up to pick up the goods. Shandong Taishan Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD. Chairman Wang Yongsheng introduced, since this year, their enterprise has been basically in the state of full capacity production. In March, stocks reached more than 200, 000 tons, the highest level in recent years. Since May and June, the demand for steel nationwide began to recover, their enterprises began to gradually reduce the steel inventory. Data shows: In June, the national steel output of 115.85 million tons, a year-on-year growth of 7.5%; The apparent consumption of crude steel was 90.31 million tons, up 8.6% year on year. According to the situation of the downstream steel industry, compared with the first quarter, the area under construction of real estate, the output of automobiles and ships increased by 145.8%, 87.1% and 55.9% respectively in the second quarter, which strongly supported the steel industry. As the old saying goes, "the remedy is always better than the difficulty". In the age of intelligence, the challenges faced by the elderly are objective but not "unsolvable". An important indicator to measure social progress and civilization lies in whether the needs of vulnerable groups can be taken into account while developing at a high speed. I believe that with the efforts of all parties, the digital divide facing some elderly people will be gradually narrowed, and there will be more and more elders who can share the convenient life of the Internet with us. Relying on the technical support of "big data" and "block chain", Xiaoshan District has built the first full-decoration supervision platform in China -- "Xiaoshan District Residential Full-decoration Information Service Supervision Platform", which carries out dynamic supervision over the whole process of project implementation, and conducts closed-loop and retrospective management when problems are found. "In the future, we will rely on this platform to establish a blacklist for monitoring the quality of projects under construction, so that the fittest will survive." Xiaoshan District Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau said. "All parts of Zhejiang are actively innovating supervision methods, using information management and purchasing third-party services, and actively exploring new mechanisms for homebuyers to participate in quality supervision and quality defect insurance, so as to adapt to the development of fully decorated houses." Provincial department of construction related person in charge said.

      Prices of eight categories of goods and services & LDQuo; Four up and four down. Prices of food, tobacco and alcohol rose by 7.6%, those of education, culture and entertainment by 3.9%, those of medical care by 11.5%, those of other goods and services by 8.4%, those of clothing by 0.1%, those of housing by 0.6%, those of daily necessities by 0.2%, and those of transportation and communications by 4.5%. In the first half of the year, the city's producer price dropped by 0.4% year-on-year and the purchase price dropped by 1.5% year-on-year. In June, producer prices fell 1.7 percent year-on-year and rose 0.1 percent month-on-month. The purchase price dropped 3.1% year on year and rose 1.5% month-on-month. Shandong is known as ldquo; The hometown of Confucius and Mencius, the state of rites and ceremonies. Follow the camera into the good reputation & LDquo; Hospitable Shandong; , open & other; The story of poverty alleviation on camera. The third stop. We will explore and tell real stories of poverty alleviation in Shandong province, share highlights of its achievements and experiences, and contribute to the decisive battle against poverty and the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects.   Putin noted that his daughter had received the vaccine. My daughter also took part in the experiment. Her temperature was 38 degrees the first day after the vaccination, and dropped to just over 37 degrees the next day, but that was all. After the second vaccination, her temperature rose slightly again, but soon returned to normal. She felt fine and her antibody titers were high. Throughout the &; Russian Health Minister Alexei Murashko also said production of the vaccine would begin at two sites, the Gamaliya Institute and Binnopharm. Murashko said several countries had expressed concern about the Russian vaccine and that production and distribution abroad would be studied next. (Kean-hang Zhao from Overseas)

      In midsummer, walking along the Banks of the Big Chen River in Suxi Town, Yiwu, the fresh air and rippling water make people feel comfortable. Who would have thought that the current used to be a "polluted river". This change is inseparable from the construction of "zero direct discharge of sewage" in the local area. Sewage no longer flows into the river, and the Dachenjiang river has regained its clear appearance. The key to water control is to treat the root causes of water pollution. Since 2018, the province has launched the construction of "zero sewage direct discharge zone", and so far it has completed the construction of more than 300 industrial parks. In July this year, the construction of the zero-discharge sewage zone was upgraded. According to the Implementation Plan of Zhejiang Province for comprehensively Promoting the Construction of "Zero Sewage Direct Discharge Zone" in Industrial Park (Industrial Agglomeration Area) (2020-2022), by the end of 2022, the construction of "zero sewage Direct discharge Zone" will be completed in key parks of the province.    Many skills do not pressure the body, struggle to well-off. She signed up again for the training of "Lvliangshan Nursing worker", hoping to learn more practical professional skills. Ren haixia's appeal is also the content that the training institution of "Lvliangshan Nursing worker" always pays attention to. Luliang city, Shanxi Province, has vigorously implemented the nationwide skill upgrading project, and continuously implemented special training programs for all key groups with skill upgrading needs. More than 140,000 people have completed the skill training, and a number of labor service brands have emerged, such as "Luliangshan nursing worker", "Linxian taxi driver" and "Fenyang Cook's Hometown". For these actions, Chen dejun admitted that a big reason is due to "hometown feeling" : "Since hometown needs, then we will come back." Of course, return is the feedback, but also the layout, but also between the express enterprise and the local mutual need. From Chen dejun's point of view, the opening of hang-Huang high-speed railway has gradually highlighted tonglu's geographical advantages: "The integration of Yangtze River Delta is the trend. Now Tonglu's traffic conditions are getting more and more superior, which can greatly reduce the transportation costs of enterprises. And the county party committee and the county government played the ecological card, the environmental card, also let us see." The good news does not come only from Tonglu. In March this year, Zhejiang province took the lead in issuing guidelines on "two delivery systems and one delivery system" for express delivery services on a pilot basis, encouraging express delivery services to enter villages, factories and overseas markets, and proposing to be the first province to become a strong express delivery system by 2035. In June, the provincial Office of Economy and Information Technology drew up the relevant action plan... These positive signals have given rise to the confidence of the "three direct links and one access" on the road back home.